Ex Cop Gets 18 Years For Axing Wife To Death


A FORMER Lupane cop has been slapped with 18 years in jail for fatally axing his wife who had accused him of having a sexual relationship with his South Africa-based brother’s wife.

Dubilizwe Mnkandla, 50 of Gomoza in Lupane was found guilty of murder with constructive intent by Bulawayo High Court judge Justice Martin Makonese on circuit in Hwange on Thursday.

Mnkandla, a retired ZRP Inspector, committed the crime in September last year.

He pleaded for leniency saying he had not intentioned to kill his 45-year-old wife Sambulo.

“My lord I had no intention of killing my wife,” he told the court.

“I got angry when she told me that her cousin was going to be permanently staying with us without my knowledge.

“Instead of explaining to me she told me she had the right to evict me from my homestead because of a protection order she obtained from a court.

“That is when I tried to hit her with the back of the axe but she moved and it struck her on the back of the head,” said Mnkandla.

The judge dismissed his defence saying his claims were contrary to the post-mortem report which showed that Sambulo died as a result of severe injuries, showing he exerted maximum force.

The couple had been having marital problems and the issue was once discussed by elders from both families who ordered Mnkandla to compensate his in-laws with an ox for his actions.

He struck his wife while they were in the fields a day after delivering the ox.

Prosecuting, Namatirai Ngwasha said the couple’s marital problems started when Sambulo got wind that her hubby was in a sexual relationship with his injiva brother’s wife.

On September 22, 2014, Sambulo successfully applied for a protection order against her husband at Lupane magistrates’ court because he was constantly beating her.

Incensed by the order, Mnkandla approached his in-laws upon which he was fined an ox for abusing their daughter, Ngwasha said.

The axing took place four days later when Mnkandla and Sambulo were coming from the fields at about 9AM.

The two started arguing about their differences. Sambulo told Mnkandla she was empowered by the order to evict him for their matrimonial home.

“This did not go down well with Mnkandla who then struck her with an axe once on the back of the head and she died on the spot,” said the prosecutor.

A report was made to the police leading to Mnkandla’s arrest.