University Student's Entire Lives At Risk: Universities May Not Open Again, No Refunds


A DECORATED University of Zimbabwe lecturer and social commentator says authorities at the higher learning institution have only this RECESS period to address their challenges.

The university yesterday went on recession and it will only resume lectures on March 24, according to the UZ registrar statement.

The statement says the university will only resume lectures on March 25 after addressing “issues which require immediate attention.”

In the wake of this closure, the lecturer – who preferred anonymity – said the situation had gone out of hand as they are still owed their bonuses and salaries.

“The lecturers were not paid their bonuses in December and their February salaries.

“If lecturers are not paid, students will be affected and all efforts to improve UZ will come to naught,” he said.

The lecturer also said students’ future was at stake as they risk losing out on the fees they paid.

“If payment (of lecturers) is not made this week, the students will not get refunds since it was their money used to pay lecturers before.

“In my case, I will just forget about going to work, it’s difficult to find money in this economy. We are looking up to government to address the issue. There is also no food for students but they have collected their funds which guarantee them decent meals,” he said.