Man's Genitals Crushed For Sleeping With Married Woman


A 29-year-old farm worker from Somabula, who was allegedly having an affair with a married woman, was put into a sack, beaten within an inch of his life and thrown into a flowing river.

Fainos Ndlovu of Vlackfontein farm has been admitted at Gweru Provincial Hospital with swollen private parts, possible broken bones and bruises all over the body that he sustained in the brutal assault. Leon Sibanda, Maxen Moyo, Ndava Moyo allegedly se t upon Ndlovu with whips and sticks after suspecting he was having an affair with Sibanda’s wife, Nyarai Chigayo.

Sibanda and Maxen Moyo have since been arrested while Ndava Moyo and a fourth accused person is still at large.

Sibanda and Maxen Moyo appeared before Gweru magistrate Judith Taruvinga facing two counts of assault and one of robbery involving $69.

Sibanda and Maxen Moyo pleaded not guilty to the charge when they briefly appeared before Taruvinga and were remanded in custody to March 30 for trial.

The prosecutor, Daniel Tafuma, said on February 27, Sibanda and Maxen Moyo, Ndava Moyo and an unknown person who is still at large decided to teach Ndlovu a lesson for sleeping with Sibanda’s wife.

The court heard Maxen Moyo handcuffed Ndlovu while the others took turns to kick, whip and punch him, targeting his private parts, which they said he used to sleep with a married woman.

The gang then allegedly searched Ndlovu and stole his money. The four then placed Ndlovu in a sack and threw him into a river. Ndlovu’s ordeal was, however, far from over as they pulled him out before he drowned and tied him to a tree before further assaulting him. They left Ndlovu tied to the tree for the whole night and the following day, they untied him and took him to the police, saying he was having an affair with Sibanda’s wife.

They allegedly urinated on him on the way to the police station. The police seeing Ndlovu’s injuries arrested three of them while the other got away.