Father Begs Magistrate To Give Son A Lengthy Jail Term


A 57-YEAR-OLD man yesterday shed tears and begged a magistrate to give his 30-year-old son a long custodial sentence.

Tibo Ndlovu moved people in the gallery to tears as he made an impassioned plea to provincial magistrate Willard Maphios Moyo, saying he would only have peace if his son, Susani Ndlovu, was incarcerated for a long time.

Provincial magistrate Willard Maphios Moyo had just given Susani a wholly suspended four-month sentence for malicious damage to property after he ran riot and smashed 10 window panes at his father’s house in Emganwini suburb with an axe on Wednesday last week.

He told the court he was angry because his father had lied to their pastor that he was a drunkard.

Susani went on to break 16 window panes at a 70-year-old neighbour, Lydia Banda’s house when she tried to restrain him.

Court proceedings came to a standstill as Tibo, with tears streaming down his cheeks, begged the magistrate to reconsider.

“Please give my son a long jail term. I’ve had enough of him, he has been harassing me for a long time. I can’t take it anymore,” said Tibo.

The magistrate did not revise the sentence.

Tibo was granted a protection order against his son in March last year, which restrained Susani from harassing his father. He violated the order when he went on a rampage last week.

Susani pleaded guilty to two counts of contempt of court and one count of malicious damage to property.

In mitigation, Susani said, “He told my pastor that I’m a drunkard, which is ridiculous because I’ve never fallen ill after drinking beer.”

Magistrate Moyo reprimanded Susani before sentencing him saying he should respect his father, who provides everything for him.

“Your father has no peace because of you. The court order seems to have failed to effectively restrain you as desired.

“Your father keeps you in his house but you proceed to damage his house and harass him and damage your neighbour’s window panes. Your reason for damaging the window panes has no merit,” said Moyo.

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