Zimbo's Not Guaranteed Permits: 2400 Permits Rejected


SOUTH Africa’s Home Affairs Minister today said that as at 13 March 2014 his department had adjudicated 82,852 of the Zimbabwe Special Permits (ZSP) permits and positive outcome are not guaranteed as it depends on documents submitted.

Minister Gigaba indicated that 2,396 applications have been rejected mostly for no police clearance and no business registration.

Gigaba said the ZSP system only accepts those applicants who previously had DZP permits

Gigaba says positive outcomes are not guaranteed as it depends on documents submitted #ZSP

The minister said the ZSP process has been tedious just like every identity process because they wanted it to be full proof.

“Every process of applying for identity is tedious by its nature because the things we want must be full proof,” saids Minister.

The South African government says it will not start deporting Zimbabweans who did not reapply for the ZSP scheme as the Home Affairs Department is currently undergoing a process to tally and find out what happened to the remaining 35,000 former permit holders.

The Home Affairs department is not yet clear on the number of Zimbabweans that have regularized their stay under the latest permit scheme.

After the application process was closed, 245,000 Zimbabweans had regularized their status in South Africa and received permits for study, work or business. The permit program received an underwhelming response as there is an estimated one to three million Zimbabweans in the country.