The Story Behind The Most Beautiful Policewoman, & Others…


Could she be Zimbabwe’s most beautiful policewoman or she is just a good skinned model who somehow got hold of the Zimbabwe Republic Police uniform and now she is suddenly a social media sensation?

That is the question that many are asking themselves about this woman(pictured) wearing a police uniform that doe not show her force number.

The Viral PIC

“This lady is being sought by the CID for the crime of breaking the fragile Zimbabwe internet and social media platforms. If you see her, please notify relevant authorities, ” said one commentator on iHarare’s social media platforms.

An online identity check on the face led to one Facebook user named Vimbai Mbito Kuchena whose profile lists that’s she attended Marondera School of nursing and lives in Harare. However by the time of publishing this article, Kuchena had not responded to questions that sought to ascertain if she is the woman in the police uniform.

Last year a member of Vapostori Sect caused a stir when he put on a police uniform and posted the picture online. he was arrested for the offence.

Pictures of hot professionals, are going viral on social media and currently two female soldiers, a female nurse and this cop in question have left many drooling and begging for contact details.

Below is a compilation of the pics of the hot professionals titled, “Macivil Servants edu!”

MaCivil Servants edu