Kwekwe Grade 2 Drop Out MP Off The Hool


KWEKWE Central MP Masango Matambanzo (Zanu PF) and his bodyguard Beden Mawire yesterday had their charge of assaulting fellow party MP Owen Ncube of Gokwe-Kana constituency dismissed for lack of evidence.


Provincial magistrate Letwin Rwodzi ruled that Ncube’s evidence was fraught with a lot of inconsistencies and could not warrant a conviction.

Matambanadzo, through his lawyer Liberty Mashanyare, had told the court that Ncube engineered the charges in an effort to get him convicted so that he could lose his parliamentary seat.

The State had accused Matambanadzo and Mawire of punching Ncube in the face on July 13 at Amaveni shopping centre without provocation.
Rwodzi said Ncube’s evidence was materially contradicted by three other witnesses who each gave a different version of how the alleged assault occurred.

“Complainant (Ncube) told the court that when he was punched by both accused persons, his head did not even move an inch, yet another witness told this court that he was grabbed by the collar while being punched. The evidence was so inconsistent that the court does not know which version to believe,” said Rwodzi.

The court also noted that Ncube had told the court that one Unique Chiduza was sitting in the car next to him when he was allegedly assaulted, but during his evidence-in-court Chiduza said he only got into the car after the alleged assault had occurred.