Chihuri Challenges Churches


COMMISSIONER General of Police, Augustine Chihurihas challenged churches to be real ambassadors in preaching peace to families to avoid domestic violence and divorces.

He said this at Ralton Sports Club on Saturday where he was the guest of honour at the Church Registration Ceremony of New Life Pentecostal Church.

The ceremony was graced by the head of marriages in the Registrar-Generals office, Gorden Tsuro, various church leaders, and theological students among them New life Pentecostal Church members led by Apostle Benjamin Joseph Murata.

It is disheartening to note that cases of domestic violence are reported across the nation when churches are dotted in various parts of the country,” said Comm-Gen Chuhuri

“We are gathered here to celebrate the issuing of a certificate to New Life Pentecostal Church to have marriage officers and we expect various church denominations to preach peace in families.

“Families attend different church denominations to seek peace in their families but my question is; are all those queuing at the High Court of Zimbabwe to seek divorce pagans or are there among them people who go to church.

“A family is the first institution of God before the church and people matter most before God so churches must take family issues seriously since God hates divorce.

“Many church leaders have no time to solve their members’ issues or visit them to see how they are living only to wait for them on Sunday and twist the gospel to satisfy their desires and leave them poor.

“This day light robbery calls for spiritual intervention using the word of God to convict the offenders and bring them before God,” said Comm- Gen Chihuri opening scriptures from the Bible.

He also challenged other traditional values saying they are against women and some lead to rape and promiscuity.

“It is written in the Bible that; For this cause shall a man leave his father and mother, and shall cleave to his wife and they twain shall be one flesh. Wherefore they are no more twain, but one flesh. What therefore God has joined together let not man put asunder,” said Comm-Gen Chihuri quoting from the Bible.

“Men are the ones causing many divorces since they get excited with money and separate themselves with their wives taking advantage of paying lobola.

“It is disheartening to note that when men cheat, women pardon them but when a woman cheats she receives marching orders immediately because of culture but it is against the word of God

“Men are exposing wives to their relatives who abuse them with rules and laws of their traditions.

“Unonzwa murume akuti mwana haasi wangu, haasi wako sei iwe wanga uchigara nemukadzi uchimuziva nguvadzose, tiitirei mushe varume musashungurudza vakadzi muchidaro.

“Such claims have negative effects on the children as they grow up hearing that their father once disowned them as he sought to satisfy his sexual appetite elsewhere.

“I challenge church leaders to preach peace, use the word of God in counselling church members and allowing them to sound doctrine and this reduces cases of domestic violence.

“Varume havayemure vakadzi vavo kana kungomuti I love you daily. It helps her much and if you don’t tell her yourself other men will tell her on your behalf and they end up cheating.

“Let the church stand and show relevance becoming the light of the world that shines to mankind and with those few words allow me to congratulate Apostle Murata far being recognised by govern of your church and being a marriage officer,” said Comm-Gen Chihuri.

Tsuro urged churches to meet registration requirements so as to be marriage officers saying marriage officers must use the certificates accordingly.

“I am here to testify that Apostle Murata endured for a long time and did not give up in visiting our offices after the church applied for registration and today I want to congratulate him and the church that you have successfully been given the right to have marriage officers,” said Tsuro.

New Life Pentecostal Church praise and worship team took time in blessing people with son^ of praise celebrating.