Woman Beaten To Death By Goblins


A Bulawayo woman from Cowdray Park was allegedly beaten to death by goblins while preparing supper for her family last Friday.

Everjoice Chimuriwo, 42, was found dead by her son while still on her feet with her mouth stretched to the side like someone who has suffered a stroke at about 7 pm.

Her family firmly believe her enemies sent goblins to attack her.

Chimuriwo’s son, Bigman Manyasha said he smelt gas as his mother was cooking on a gas stove and when he rushed into the kitchen, he found his mother standing in the kitchen that had been engulfed by flames.

He said she was pointing at the stove but looked like she had been killed by a stroke.

He said the family called a local prophet to pray over his mother but the prophet failed to save her.

Manyasha said the family suspected enemies sent goblins that killed her.

The family refused to believe a post mortem report that said Chimuriwo suffocated due to inhaling carbon monoxide.

Chimuriwo was buried on Sunday at her rural home in Bikita. – See more at: http://www.bulawayo24.com/index-id-news-sc-local-byo-64426.html#sthash.3tN6l5Zp.dpuf