Welshman Ncube Liked To Mugabe BY MDC Official


Former MDC National Youth Secretary for International Relations and Extenal Affairs, Francis Mufambi has launched an unreserved stinging attack on party leadership warning that ‘a monster worse than Idi Amini’ is being groomed.

Mufambi likened party president Welshman Ncube to President Robert Mugabe saying he has vast potential of being a ruthless dictator once in power.

Mufambi dumped the party on Sunday.

Said Mufambi: “It is sad am leaving the MDC at last mainly after realising we are also creating a monster worse than Idi Amini.”

“The innocent are suffering and the guilty rejoicing. The president is surrounded by a destructive cabal to mention people like the vice president (Edwin) Mushoriwa who doesn’t know party principles but only dance for sadza and sing for supper from the president,” said Mufambi.

He continued “It is such political non starters leaving on food handouts who destroy the party in a quest to broaden their begging bins.

“That we have some amongst us who have done a hatchet copy past job of the pre congress Zanu-PF blood letting all in pursuit of power is the biggest castration of democratic order of our times.

“In our party Priscilla has become (Joice) Mujuru, Chimbaira equal to (Didymus) Mutasa, Nhlanhla is now (Rugare) Gumbo all persecuted as pre congress sacrifices for their perceived closeness to the centre of future power.

“In this unfortunate play the aggressors in typical Zanu Wievel formation have created non existent lies and fed these to the president and driven him to narcotic type hysteria”.

“Miriam is (Oppah) Muchinguri, Chihwayi a dummer version of Jonathan (Moyo), Mushoriwa is (Emmerson) Munangagwa and Welsh the Mugabe equivalent, a prisoner of the gang who will gladiate and scheme for power even if the power makes them head gardeners of a desert.”

Welshman MDCMugabe

Source: Byo24