Speeding Kombi Hits Brick Wall, 11 Cheat Death


AT LEAST 10 people cheated death by a whisker yesterday after a commuter omnibus they were travelling in veered off the road and rammed into a pre-cast wall along Joshua Nkomo Street in Bulawayo.

One of the two passengers who were seriously injured had to be extricated from the kombi and both were rushed to Mpilo Central Hospital. Seven others as well as the driver sustained minor injuries.

Kurai Shoko, who witnessed the crash said the accident could have been caused by the driver who was speeding.

“The kombi was just speeding and all of a sudden, l saw it veer off the road. The driver tried to control it but it was too late,” Shoko said.

When a Chronicle news crew arrived at the scene, the woman who was in the front seat was being extricated and had sustained serious injuries on her breast and had fractured both legs.

Shoko said when the driver turned the vehicle to avoid ramming into a tree, it then went straight into the pre-cast wall.