11 Zimbabweans Arrested For Truck Jacking In SA – Video


About 11 Zimbabweans have been arrested in Leondale, East of Johannesburg. They were suspected of being part of a truck hijacking syndicate that operates country-wide.

Gauteng police also seized stolen steel and fuel worth millions of rand.

Police were surprised when what they believed was an ordinary warehouse turned out to be a sinister den. Over 20 trucks were found on the property, four confirmed to have been hijacked.

Gauteng police spokesperson Kay Makubela says: “When the police investigated further they discovered more trucks hijacked from Durban the other one from Welkom.”

Stolen goods were stored in the warehouse and scores of number plates believed to be from hijacked trucks were uncovered as
well as thousands of litres of fuel.

The suspected mastermind Zimbabwean businessman, known as the ‘Silent Killer’ was arrested with the 10 accomplices.