Satanism Scare Hits Primary School


THERE was pandemonium at Mkoba 4 Primary School in Gweru last Friday when four Grade Five pupils caused a stir, speaking in an “unknown language” and later claimed to be seeing weird creatures and snakes.

The four pupils (names withheld), suspected to have been attacked by hysteria had been acting weird since Monday.

A teacher at the school who refused to be named for professional reasons said fellow pupils were now living in fear and were now alienating the four girls.

“Four Grade Five pupils have been acting very weird speaking in an alien language while claiming to be seeing someone with snakes. It’s like they were attacked by hysteria,” said the teacher.

The teacher went on to say that one of the four pupils has since been undressed of her uniform as it is alleged to be the source of the problem as other pupils started behaving weirdly after they touched it.

The teacher said every time the four pupils go hysterical they shout the name of the grandmother of the one whose uniform was taken away claiming she has come to them with her snakes to take them away.

“One of the girls has since been undressed of her uniform after the other pupils behaved weirdly when they touched it, it’s traumatising as other kids no longer want to associate with the four,” said the teacher.

The pupil who is alleged to be the source of trouble is understood to have been taken home by the school headmaster in a bid to solve the issue.

The Provincial Education Officer for Midlands Province, Agnes Gudo, however, said she was yet to receive a report on the matter.

“I am yet to receive a report on such an issue. I will have to send my District Education Officer to the school to find out what is happening,” said Gudo.