Girl (13) Steals Car, Runs Over Child (6), Kills Her


A 13 year old girl from Sakubva Mutare stole her father’s car and fatally ran over a six-year-old girl.

Reports are that the father had left the car idling and police are saying he was negligent. The deceased’s mother, Eunice Zhovha, said her daughter, Tashma, was killed on their way to a church service. She was lucky to be alive as the vehicle, a Toyota Ipsum, also ran over her right leg.

“I was on the way to church with Tashma when we passed by a house and I recall seeing the father of the teenage girl standing by his car. A few moments later after we passed I heard people shouting saying a car was coming our way from behind. Before I could do anything, the car hit my child and dragged her for a distance before it stopped against a heap of concrete stones. It also hit my leg, but the injuries I sustained were minor. We rushed my daughter to hospital but she was in great pain. Along the way, she started bleeding profusely from the nose and mouth. She died on admission to the hospital,” she told the Manica Post.

A witness who spoke on condition of anonymity said the father of the teenage girl left the car idling and he saw his child getting into the car.

“I saw the car owner driving out of his yard and he left the car idling as he went back into the house. His child got into the car but I did not see how it started moving because I also went into my own house. Moments later I heard shouts from outside and when I got there the little girl had been hit and was trapped under the car,” said the witness.

When asked what happened, the teenage’s mother had this to say: “Up to now, I don’t even know what happened. We were in the house with my husband when our daughter took the car keys from the kitchen unit.

“The next thing I heard were people crying and saying there had been an accident.”

Source:Manica Post