Tuku Launches Shoe Label


Music superstar Oliver Mtukudzi has launched a shoe label known as ‘Hai-kobo’.

The label’s name is derived from Tuku’s signature singing and dances which he coined during some of his 1970s hit songs.

In his 1970s and 1980s hits, Mtukudzi’s signature tune was ‘Hai-kobo’.

‘Hai-kobo’ is now a shoe label which was launched by the superstar in the capital.

The ‘Hai-kobo’ concept was designed and developed by Mtukudzi over a five-year period.

Mtukudzi took guests at the launch down memory lane chronicling the history behind the ‘Hai-kobo’ label.


He reminded music lovers the days when he serenaded people through his early sounds such as ‘Chimusoro’ and ‘Mbombera’ when it was inevitable to encounter the “hai-kobo, aha, hai-kobo aha” lyrics accompanied by a fashionable dance on the stage.

Musicians from all walks of life who attended the launch of the ‘Hai-kobo’ footwear label in Harare said Mtukudzi has proved that besides singing, artists can also venture into other business entities thereby taking their artistry to another level.

During the 1970s, it was characteristic of the music legend to come up with his own way of dancing together with the signature cough that completes the legacy of the Highfield-bred musician.

Mtukudzi joins the band of other popular international musicians who have their own branded apparel, fragrances and even drinks.