Sons On The Run After Killing Father


TWO Chipinge men are on the run after they allegedly killed their father accusing him of causing some misfortunes in their lives through witchcraft.

Manicaland police spokesperson, Inspector Enock Chishiri, said Phinias Chisingire Sithole, 60, of Chikonye was Tuesday assaulted to death by his two sons who are based in South Africa.

On the fateful day, Peter and Simon visited their father at around 10 am and asked him to accompany them to a local prophet to consult on what was causing misfortunes in their family.

Sithole agreed and along the way Peter and Simon started accusing their father of bringing bad omen to the family.

It is alleged that as the verbal altercation ensued the two sons ganged up and assaulted their father until he was unconscious.

On realising that their father was badly injured Peter and Simon carried him to his hut where they tried to set the hut alight with their victim inside.

Petro Mutende, who was watching the events unfolding from a distance, rushed to the scene and prevented the two from burning down the hut with their father inside.

Mutende rescued then rescued Sithole to a safer place.

Peter and Simon fled from the scene after they burnt their father’s hut bedroom and destroyed his property.

Sithole gained consciousness and narrated the whole incident to Mutende who reported the matter to the police.

He was rushed to the hospital at around 1800hrs and died upon admission.

Police said they have launched a manhunt for Peter and Simon.