Pics: Satanists At Magaya Church


A former female member of the ‘Satanic’ cult manifested and was saved at Mega popular Prophet, Walter magaya’s Waterfalls church.

The woman(pictured) claimed that before she saw light she would lure several pastors into bed.

She narrated her yarns at Prophet Walter Magaya’s church and made some very startling confessions.

In 2013 she was visited by a man whilst she was taking a bath at school and that man gave her jewellery and that is how she was initiated into satanism. She started seeing herself under water and was also in the business of initiating other people.

Every time she went into church she would initiate the pastors by merely looking at them and would end up sleeping with them. She would initiate men just by looking at them and she would also ask for money and that is how their wealth was transferred into the marine kingdom.

“If ever a man would refuse to give her money she would blink at him thrice and he would die. She confessed that she has killed seven men to date. She would also initiate young beautiful girls by simply giving them a sweet or asking their names.

She confessed that she has initiated over 3 500 people to date who are currently serving the kingdom of darkness. She initiated one pastor who she is currently married to. She was not allowed to sleep with him as this spiritual man would not let her. She was made to sleep with snakes every night and she would conceive. She disclosed that she currently has 27 children under water from these snakes.”