Mujuru Responds To Mugabe Comments


Harare – Zimbabwe’s ousted vice president Joice Mujuru on Tuesday accused President Robert Mugabe of making “sexually lewd” claims about her at his birthday party at the weekend.

“Thank you for the opportunity to respond to the fantastical and sexually lewd allegations made against me by the leader of my political party Zanu-PF on the occasion of his birthday celebrations this past weekend,” she said in her first public statement in more than two months.

“I am at a loss as to how I continue to be the subject matter of presidential conjecture and fantasy. I don’t do such things.”

In a speech at his party in Victoria Falls on Saturday, Mugabe claimed Mujuru performed witchcraft rituals bare-breasted.

He claimed she had 10 chickens slaughtered, one for each of the Zanu-PF officials she wanted to kill.

Mugabe and his wife Grace were top of the list, Mugabe claimed.

Grace Mugabe, 49, led a campaign to discredit Mujuru, Zimbabwe’s first-ever female vice president, ahead of a ruling party congress in December.

During a series of rallies, the first lady – who until then had played no active role in Zimbabwean politics – accused Mujuru of wearing a mini-skirt and plotting to oust the president.

Mujuru was duly ousted. She has since been threatened with prosecution and jail in the pro-Mugabe state press.

Mujuru said she had been “committed to Christian life and values” all her life.

“My focus is on nation-building and avoiding unnecessary destruction of the party,” she said.

The statement was quoted by several independent news outlets.

Responding on Twitter, Zimbabwean journalist Chofamba Sithole said: “Mujuru shows more composure & dignity than Mugabe & wife.”