Mugabe Threatens Mutasa With Arrest


PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe has hinted at the possible arrest of ousted Zanu PF secretary for administration Didymus Mutasa for alleged embezzlement of finances which were donated towards the party’s congress last year.

The veteran leader threatened Mutasa while addressing party loyalists in Victoria Falls during celebrations to mark his 91st birthday at the weekend.

Mugabe made a general attack on various individuals who allegedly abuse their positions in many organisations by embezzling funds before turning on Mutasa.

“We are today saying Gamatox group (Mutasa and friends) wanted to overthrow the President, wanted even to kill him. You will remember that meeting of the youths,” he said.

“They had not prepared for it; they had not bought any food and now we discover lots of money had been given towards congress. Where did it go?

“Those are the things we are now discovering and once we discover that in fact that money was misused, vanofira mujeri (they will die in prison).”

“… cheating and cheating and cheating and even cheating at high level of members of the politburo who divert funds in order to create their own strength somewhere.”

Mugabe said he challenged Mutasa who was part of the Zanu PF finance committee towards the organisation of the three Zanu PF congresses but he stuttered.

He claimed that Mutasa was abusing his post as then security minister to conceal massive fraud orchestrated by Mujuru’s allies.

“Some of the funds were given by Tongat and Hullet, through some of the people we expelled, to enable the Gamatox group to strengthen their camp. This is what we are now told happened,” Mugabe said.

During the youth congress last year, delegates went hungry due to failure by party administrators to provide adequate food.

Mutasa was charged with ensuring the success of the event but was found wanting, forcing Mugabe to rescue the situation by donating food.

The firebrand Headlands legislator has since been expelled from Zanu PF.

He has threatened to take the party to court to have the December congress, which thrust Mujuru’s rivals firmly in control and its resolutions, declared null and void.