Mugabe Pays tribute To Grace For His Continued Stay In Power


President Robert Mugabe today paid tribute to her wife, Grace for ensuring his stay at the helm of the Zanu (PF) party and government through her flushing out of elements opposed to his rule.

Speaking at celebrations to mark his 91st Birthday in Victoria Falls today, Mugabe said it was because of his wife and Zanu (PF) youths that clandestine arrangements by former Vice President Joice Mujuru and a group of other party officials to seize power were exposed.

“We thank the youths for your exposition and for your bravery and to that, the exposure by the First Lady. They call her “Stop It”. The “Stop It” lady was unwell starting two months ago when she had an operation,” said Mugabe.

When she came into the political arena, Grace launched a barrage of attacks on Mujuru and her loyalists in Zanu (PF) for planning to unconstitutionally unseat her husband.

After her attacks, 17 cabinet and deputy ministers, including Mujuru were booted out of office by Mugabe while some still within the party are reportedly facing expulsion.

In his remarks today, Mugabe downplayed sentiments from the expelled Zanu (PF) members that include former spokesperson, Rugare Gumbo that the party was now disjointed.

He said the party was now united after its December Congress despite the fact that some former heavyweights like Didymus Mutasa have threatened legal action to reverse the outcome of the Congress.

“Whilst there were many changes resulting from Congress and events preceding to and during the congress, the overall achievement is the unity within the party,” said Mugabe.

He blamed Mujuru for having tried to use juju to clinch power within Zanu (PF).