Tramp Demands Tougher Sentence From Judge


A Gweru wanderer who stoned a private car stunned the court on Wednesday when he demanded a tougher sentence after he was angered by the magistrate’s ruling on his case.

Norman Chiukure, who lives in the streets of the Midlands capital, hit the rear mirror of Benedict Shekede’s car at Kudzanayi bus terminus leading to his arrest.

Provincial magistrate, Pathekile Msipa had sentenced Chiukure to 30 days in prison in the event he failed to replace Shekede’s rear mirror.

But Chiukure made drama in court when he kept talking interrupting Msipa questioning the kind of society that did not understand a request for forgiveness.

“I asked for forgiveness from Shekede, what kind of society does not understand forgiveness,” Chiukure said.

When he was asked to move down the dock, Chiukure suddenly returned (in the dock) shouting that he was going to shoot everyone for not understanding.

Msipa however slapped him with a further month for contempt of court to which he told her to increase the months if that pleased her.

“You mean it’s now two months? You (magistrate) can give me 10 months if that makes you happy,” Chiukure said before being shoved by prison officers.

The state’s case was that on the 16th February this year at kudzanai bus terminus Chiukure hit the rear mirror of Shekede’s car before he was arrested and taken to Gweru central police.