2 Year Jail Term For Road Rage


A ROAD rage over an accident in Marondera between two motorists last December has resulted in one of them being jailed for two years on attempted murder charges.

Tavaziva Taremba, 34, of Nyameni in Marondera was last week sentenced to a two year jail term after he was convicted of attempting to kill Tawanda Chizeya during an argument after the two had been involved in a car accident.

State prosecutor Lovemore Musaairanwa told magistrate Josephine Sande that sometime last December, Chizeya, while driving his vehicle in Marondera town, bumped into Taremba’s vehicle.

However, the two had a mutual agreement that they would not report the accident to the police as Chizeya had agreed to pay for damages caused on Taremba’s car.

Unfortunately Chizeya failed to pay for the costs on the agreed date and Taremba made a report to the police. Before the police could arrest Chizeya, Taremba met him at a filling station in town and an argument ensued.

During the argument, Taremba strangled Chizeya before stabbing him once on the stomach with a broken beer bottle. Onlookers rushed Chizeya to Marondera provincial hospital while Taremba was arrested.

In sentencing Taremba to two years in prison, Magistrate Sande blasted him for taking the law into his hands instead of leaving the job to the police.