Traditional Healers Want To Be Allowed To Give People Sick Leave


TRADITIONAL healers in the Midlands province are seeking authority to give leave off work to HIV positive patients, a provincial National Aids Council (NAC) report has revealed.

The report was presented at the provincial NAC meeting in Gweru on Tuesday.

The healers also indicated, during meetings with NAC officials, that they refer clients to hospitals for HIV tests.

“During the course of 2014 a 4 day workshop was held with traditional healers from across the province. All the traditional healers said they refer clients to hospital for testing,” part of the report reads.

“They also want sick note forms so that they can give to their clients should they require time off work.”

The report further highlighted that NAC officials recommended that traditional doctors record prescriptions given to HIV patients as well as report STI cases treated to the Aids council.

In the past traditional healers have been accused of using unsterilized needles and razor blades on their clients posing a risk of spreading the HIV virus.