Harare Man Shits Through The Window


A man told a Harare Civil Court magistrate on Monday that his ex-girlfriend was in the habit of denying him the right to go to the toilet each time she visits his house, forcing him to relieve himself through the window.

Lovejoy Sandati claimed Tears Mawuru was breaching his peace and making his life horrible. Sandati was seeking a protection order against Mawuru whom he was accusing of physically and verbally abusing him.

“Each time she visits my house she locks the doors and denies me the right to go to the toilet, forcing me to relieve myself through the window,” he said.

Sandati told magistrate Ms Ruth Kamangira that Mawuru was also in the habit of following him to his work place and insulting him in front of workmates.

“I am scared of being fired from my work because each time she visits my house she locks me in the house, delaying me from going to work and at times she follows me, insulting me all the way.”

Sandati told Ms Kamangira that he was tired of the abuse.

“I do not want her to interfere with my work and also to come to my house because she is disturbing my peace,” he said.

Sandati pleaded with Ms Kamangira to bar Mawuru from calling him on his mobile phone and sending text massages.

Mawuru denied the allegations, but said she was not opposed to Sandati’s application.

“You can go ahead and grant him the order, but I am not in any way breaching his peace,” she said.

Ms Kamangira granted the order by consent which barred Mawuru from physically or verbally abusing Sandati.

She also ordered Mawuru to keep peace towards Sandati at all times.