Tsvangirayi Has Failed To Deliver On His Promises


By Peacemore Zano


For years, MDC-T leader, Morgan Tsvangirai has ridden on the crest of being an alleged champion of democracy. His luck was that his party came into existence at a time when Zimbabweans were frustrated by a fledgling economy. As such, people flocked to his party hoping for salvation.

He became famous for promising democracy, milk and honey to the people of Zimbabwe if he got into power. Tsvangirai’s supporters had high expectations that Morgan would one day lead this nation.

Now that Tsvangirai has failed in his ambitions to become the President of the republic of Zimbabwe, he is resorting to underhand means to maintain his grip on the party. His latest shameful act was banning his supporters from using social media. One wonders on what basis Tsvangirai tried to ban his supporters from using social media. We are living a global village, where communication has been made easy through technological advancement. To seek to deprive members of a community of such is nothing short of dictatorial, especially coming from someone who portrays himself as a the father of democracy.

Most of Tsvangirai’s supporters used to admire and respect him during his trade unionism days, where he was alleged a champion for workers’ rights and when he and some of his colleagues who later dumped him formed the Movement for Democratic Change in 1999. Shame on you Morgan, all is now history. Even the donors who used to supply your pockets, which are currently believed to be empty, are nowhere to be found.

It is presently rumoured that all is not well in the MDC-T as some party officials and members are now fighting for the ouster of Thokozani Khupe who is the second in charge to Tsvangirai. Thokozani Khupe is being accused of plotting against her boss. Attempts by that party’s Spokesperson, Obert Gutu to downplay the divisions rocking the party are fooling noone.

Although, a local political think tank, Zimbabwe Democracy Institute (ZDI) recently claimed that Tsvangirasvangirai is still the top dog in opposition politics, the reality on the ground is far from it. Tsvangirai might be the top dog in opposition politics as the ZDI alleged, but the truth is, he is but a toothless dog now. After all, even in a class of foolsne best fool. The same scenario obtains amongst opposition parties in Zimbabwe.

Recently, the beleaguered Tsvangirai embarked on a tour in Old Tafara and Mabvuku in an effort to regain support. Feeling increasingly threatened by President Robert Mugabe’s stellar leadership, Tsvangirai is seeking to prop up his waning image using such desperate means.

The writing is on the wall, MDC-T will continue to crack, as long as Morgan is still the head, come 2018, Tsvangirai will be sailing alone in his boat. – See more at: http://www.bulawayo24.com/index-id-opinion-sc-columnist-byo-62884.html#sthash.fcDLmyss.dpuf