Thieves Beaten Up By Grandpa


THE gang of tsotsis(thugs) had surrounded Daniel Shuping (37), ready to grab his groceries . . . when the 72-year-old madala(old man) appeared.

More easy money for us, the thugs must have thought.

But – KAPOW! – seconds later two of them lay in agony on the ground and the third one high-tailed it out of there!

They had just felt the punching power of Rocklands’ karate and kung-fu king!

Roger Nkoane may be a madala, but thugs are no match for him.

He is well-known in his kasi for the fast karate moves he uses to fight off thugs.

Residents said Roger has often saved people from crooks and that whenever he hears any disturbance around his home, he acts.

Roger has a black belt in karate and has done some jiu jitsu, judo and kung-fu.

Daniel still sings Roger’s praises. “I was so scared when the thugs came at me armed with knives. Then Roger appeared and saved me.

“He punched one attacker in the face and kicked the other in the groin. The third one just ran away leaving his friends in pain. I was surprised by the madala’s quick moves,” said Daniel.

Roger said he easily disarms thugs who terrorise the kasi.

He said even a simple things such as a pen can disarm a thug if used correctly.

“I disarm them of their weapons and kick their butts. I was trained by a strong master and I am still going strong,” he told Daily Sun.

Another madala who was rescued by Roger said on that day he decided to join the madala with his daily exercise routine at the Mangaung outdoor centre.

Roger said healthy food can keep you strong and fit. “I prefer raw potato because it helps to control high blood pressure,” he said.