Zim Man Wins $1Mill In Cricket World Cup Match


WITH a beer in one hand Zimbabwe fan Travis Committie leapt over ducking fans to catch the second stray ball of the Cricket World Cup, winning his share of a possible $1 million.

The 23-year-old Auckland resident tipped his years of experience playing cricket and good instinct as his ticket to the bounty at today’s game at Seddon Park.

“We had been sitting on the bank the whole game and five overs previous someone hit a ball about five or 10 metres away from us, so since then I got ready.

“I had a strong feeling one would come over our way.

“When it made its way into the crowd I started running, stuck my hand out and jumped over a few people and next minute the ball was in my hand.”

Committie is a personal trainer and said he’d been playing cricket since he could walk.

If the Black Caps exit the World Cup in the pool stages, Committie will win a share of $250,000. The amount increases through to the quarter and semifinals. If the Black Caps win the tournament Committie will split a share of $1,000,000 with other successful catchers.

Currently he shares the $250,000 bounty with Christchurch resident Sunjay Ganda who caught a ball at the Black Caps’ clash with Sri Lanka yesterday.

Although he was full of pride for Zimbabwe, Committie said he now had a new motive to back New Zealand.

“I have to admit, my allegiance has now turned to New Zealand, I hope they get through to the finals. The more money the better – just being honest.”

He hoped the prize money would help him pay off the student loan and said he’d like to use some of it to take his family on holiday.

“My family are really tight knit,” he said.

“I’d like to take them all to the islands, hire a resort and get my extended family over from Africa.”

Committie was at the match with family and friends to watch his native team take on South Africa.

He’s off to Zimbabwe for a holiday next week, but will follow the tournament from there and be back just in time for the final.