Min Mlambo Blasts Chinotimba For Greed


ZANU PF Chipinge East MP and ICT deputy minister, Win Mlambo, Saturday said the recent invasion of Chihoza farm by Buhera South MP Joseph Chinotimba`s son Edwin was not driven by passion for farming but greediness.

Mlambo, who is alleged to be linked to sacked Vice President Mujuru’s faction, said Chinotimba’s take-over of the property was against the guiding principles of land reform.

“Our region here is a viable region and there is no need for a big farm unlike in Matabeleland where people practice cattle ranching and there is need for big farms,” said Mlambo in Chipinge.

He said already the war veterans and youths in the area were crying foul over unfair land redistribution and as such it was not morally upright for a person who owns a farm elsewhere to come and grab another one in Chipinge.

“There is congestion in the Gwenzi area where people still practice the federal system. The same is the case in the Game area where there is high concentration of people who are in desperate need of land,” said Mlambo.

He added: “During the congress, President Mugabe made it clear that the remaining farms should be reserved for war veterans and youths but you find somebody all of a sudden without going through the district appears with an offer letter for a farm for his son when he himself has a large farm in Mashonaland Central.”

He said it was surprising that Chinotimba wanted a farm in Chipinge when his son actually has a farm in Mazowe which he is failing to fully utilise.

“This is not right in the eyes of people who are desperately looking for land. Some of these people are just young people who never went to war yet we have war veterans who may die before they realize what they fought for. This is truly wrong. I don`t see a single thing which is right but for some reasons some people support that,” said Mlambo.

“When Chinotimba came he annexed the whole area because his interest is in macadamia. He has no interest in farming; he has a farm which is lying fallow which he can`t utilise,” said Mlambo.

Mlambo said the owner of the farm in question Collen Gura spends huge sums of money developing the macadamia plantation, procuring herbicides and inputs only to be kicked out during harvest time by greedy fellows.

“Whenever he wants to reap another guy comes and kicks him out and starts to harvest. Surely in this day and age, this civilization we condone that! I think that is wrong when we support things like that,” added Mlambo