Man Kicked Out By In-Laws, Commits Suicide


A 37-YEAR-OLD Gweru man committed suicide by downing a poisonous substance after he was kicked out of his in-laws house, where he was staying with his wife and two children.

The man, Lovemore Munhungei of Mkoba 10, who was employed by Zimbabwe Glass Company in Gweru, committed suicide behind Mkoba Village 1 Police Station in Gweru after having an altercation with his in-laws which resulted in him being evicted from the in-laws’ house.

His in-laws accused him of failing to look after his children after going for over two years without a salary after his company sent him on an indefinite forced leave. According to neighbours, Munhungei allegedly had a misunderstanding with his in-laws and prior to his death, he is alleged to have sent text messages about his intentions to take his life to all his relatives while advising them to take care of his family. Munhungei also went to his wife’s workplace and told her that he wanted to commit suicide because he was failing to cope with the situation he was in.

Mrs Munhungei, who declined to give her first name, confirmed the tragic incident, saying her husband was staying with his parents in Mkoba Village 2 after the two separated following a misunderstanding.

Midlands police spokesperson Inspector Joel Goko could neither deny nor confirm the incident.

“I am not in the office at the moment. I am in Harare but we will give you the details regarding that matter if it was reported to police. We will get hold of the responsible station if any report related to that was made he said.