Backyard Poultry Farming Banned!


HARARE residents are up in arms with the city council after it warned that they would be prosecuted if they keep poultry in their backyards as this was against the capital’s by-laws.

Unimpressed residents said there were no jobs adding not everyone could survive from selling tomatoes and bric-a-brac.

But the local authority said the clucking and squawking roosters disturb the peace and comfort of other residents.

Director of Health Services Dr Prosper Chonzi insisted that council by-laws (1962) have to be respected.

“No poultry house shall be placed nearer than three metres from any boundary or nearer than six metres from premises used for human habitation,” he reminded residents

“No person shall keep any poultry by reasons of continued crowing, quacking clucking, gobbling or like noise tends to destroy the comfort of neighbourhood.”

He said those found on the wrong side of the law will be prosecuted.

However, residents who spoke to said the poultry projects were their only source of income adding that not every unemployed person could sell tomatoes and trinkets.

“I lost my job in June last year and, with my $200 retrenchment package I started keeping poultry for sell. This is my only source of income; how do they want me to survive with my family,” said Milton Moyo from Budiriro 5 high density suburb.

A Mt Pleasant resident said the city needs to change its outdated by-laws as life in Zimbabwe has changed.

“They wrote to me saying that if I continue to keep poultry I will be prosecuted but this is my house,” declared Tim Mandishona.

“The said neighbours are my customers and they never complained about any noise. We will meet in court!

“This Smith regime law must be abolished to suit our Zimbabwean way of living.”

Mandishona said if the local authority felt residential areas were not ideal then it must provide them with alternative places to operate from.

Most residents in Harare are making a killing by keeping poultry in their backyards as customers shun South African imports which they say are genetically modified and tasteless.