Zim Women Unite To Build Multi Million Pound Property Portfolio


Social media has become a place of relaxation, laughter, debates and fundraising for charities and events for many Zimbabwean women. However this time around social media giant, Facebook is helping to shape what will possibly be the first known mass group of Zim women coming together to enter the multi billion industry of property investment.


‘We were on our group discussing issues, when a lady said have you heard of crowd funding ladies. It’s when a large group of women come together and put in small amounts of money to buy a property cash and do so regularly till they build a portfolio, whilst making income from those properties, other communities are doing this ,let’s do it’ states one of the women.
Crowd funding, which is the practice of funding a project or venture by raising monetary contributions from a large number of people, dates back to the 17th century and has helped groups just like ‘Women Investors Network’ to buy commercial and residential properties under cooperatives.
‘We created a group on Facebook called ‘Crowd Funding by Women Investors Network’ and that is were we discuss plans and were other women who want to be involved can join in. We have had amazing support and on the 28th February 2015 we will be having the first meeting; we have industry professionals such as property experts who have been featured on Forbes.com and social enterprise cooperative leaders coming to educate us on how we can be as successful as other similar businesses and that’s exciting’ she says.
It’s evident to see how excited and united these women are, the event set for the 28th February in Birmingham is open to all Zimbabwean women who would like more information on the project and potentially becoming a part of it.
‘The more the merrier, there are mothers, wives, young women, older women from all walks of life coming together as Zimbabweans to get into this project, it’s not everyday that you can build a property portfolio for next to nothing. This is an opportunity that everyone should at least get educated about or hopefully get involved in and that’s what is happening on the 28th, tickets are only £8 but closing date is the 17th Feb!’
To buy your ticket and reserve your seat text or call 07456447272, join ‘Crowd Funding by Women Investors Network’ group on Facebook.