Women With Two Husbands Has Unprotected X*s With Them


Questions have arisen whether the three Mutare partners of the polyandrous relationship do not fear the deadly HIV virus and other sexually transmitted infections.

This comes after The Weekender and its sister papers published a story about Memory “Zhula” Mlambo (30), who clearly has no regrets of cohabiting with two men Fungai Matandaudyi (35)and Wesley Gora (36).

Zhula has responded to these questions stating that she is very much aware that there are sexually transmitted infections and viruses and that she is taking measures in protecting herself and her two ‘husbands’ from the HIV virus and STIs.

“Of course we are at risk, in fact everyone is at risk but that does not mean that I take that for granted. Truth be told with one man, I use protection in the form of condoms but with the other it’s direct sex, no protection involved,” she said.
It just goes to show how much she loves one of her two men more than the other as she informed The Weekender before that one of her two men gave her real good sex while the other’s main purpose was that of paying her rentals, bills and all other financial wants.
As before, Mlambo who was “christened” Zhula by Macheso years back refused to name the one she had unprotected sex with since she claims to love both of them and not want to cause hatred between them.