Corruption! Cop Changes Accident Report, Men Beat Up Driver


THERE was drama at an accident scene when five men attacked one of the motorists involved in the mishap along Natal Road in Avondale on Sunday.

The five men threatened Augustine Moyo with unspecified action as they boasted of ‘heavy political links’.

One of the five men, Itai Chakamanga forced the traffic cops to alter his accident report documents after it emerged that the woman who was behind the wheel DID NOT have a driver’s licence.

The traffic police officer cancelled the accident summary papers and indicated that Itai Chakamanga was the driver, cancelling out Vuyelwa Nhamoinesu’s details.

Vuyelwa was driving Toyota Corolla registration (ACN 7522) and Augustine was driving a two door Chrysler Crossfire registration (DALU 7).

Itai’s statements were recorded and Vuyelwa was excused and she quickly disappeared from the scene.

Vuyelwa disappeared from the scene after Augustine, with the help of his friend, drove away to look for another police officer complaining about the issue.

“I am not running away from the facts that I encroached to the other side of the lane as I was trying to avoid the potholes but these guys cannot take advantage of their connection to political leaders to force the police officer to alter the truth,” said Augustine.

“Itai was on the passenger seat and Vuyelwa was driving and she even gave her details to this police officer until their friends got here and started assaulting me.

“That’s when they forced the police officer to alter the accident records.

“They were dictating what they wanted to the police officer to record threatening everyone here and this is not right since we are all Zimbabweans and accidents are not planned,” said Augustine.

One of Itai’s unidentified friends among the five attackers, whom he claimed was his lawyer, exchanged blows with Augustine drawing the attention of people around. Itai referred questions to the said lawyer when H-Metro sought his comment

One of the attackers also charged at H-Metro for taking photographs at the scene saying they had I not granted H-Metro permission to take pictures.

“Where did you get the permission to take photographs here. Delete all the photographs you look before I deal with you,” he said charging towards the photo-journalist

“Imwe witness irikuuya yaona zvichiitika miraugonzwa because he ran away after this man became violent,” he added.

Two of the attackers were seen taking their own records as they started to take measurements and other accident details in the presence of police officers.