Mugabe, A True African Revolutionary Who Delivered On His Promises


By Ryan Victor Caridade

Political truth is to say President Mugabe would have been likened to the British as a Puppet President of the British by the British and Western allies. The land reform program would have taken center stage with or without President Mugabe’s initiative.

However whoever advised him to allow it, is the wisest of all his advisers. The land reform program was going to happen anyway even if Mugabe wasn’t the leader, read between the lines, “every war veteran will tell you we fought for our land, freedom and rights to be human” no man in his right frame of mind
would go to war so as to be spoon fed by his oppressor.

President Mugabe did his part as a Leader and the unfortunate thing is, as successful as he was in the 80’s with a people hungry to prove to the white minority that they could work, the doomed corrupt black man suffered and spoiled the good soup.

They are two causes of the great depression of 2008 and the poverty currently roaming in Zimbabwe these are; Sanctions and You reader whatever you name is. “The very right to be human is denied everyday to hundreds of millions of people as a result of poverty and the unavailability of basic necessities such as food, jobs, walter, shelter, education, health care and a health environment” Nelson Mandela

Sanctions have stopped a number of nations and individuals to invest in our country, create jobs, or to deal directly with the government it self, now while the white man tries to blind us by saying they are individual targeted sanctions, l ask you not to be fooled they are not. When you stop the only bull in the herd from mating you cannot
produce. It is evident to all that globalization is taking center stage without inter relations nations will not expand or improve, anything stopping the leader of a nation from relating to the world should be your enemy!!

Am of the view that Robert Mugabe as a person and leader despite his critics and mistakes is undoubtedly the best President the nation of Zimbabwe could have ever had, not based on favoritism but on merit. Being a leader in a democratic nation doesn’t give you absolute power and constitutional laws prevent you from gaining it, so if not
following imperial rule can get Mugabe to be “Termed A Dictator” then good for him God bless you Mr Prez!!

Now Zimbabweans on the other side should also taken blame for the cause on the nations problems, sufferings, unemployment, economic breakdown because Mugabe isn’t the corrupt one its you and me.
1. Mugabe helped you gain your land back but guess who isn’t producing?
2. Who relies of donated seed plant each year for 10 years?
3. Who steals money and ends up in lawsuits?

“WE ARE MUGABE’s PROBLEM, NOT THE OTHER WAY ROUND” if tables were turned you would realize that President Mugabe is a living legend, war hero and your hero!!

History records President Mugabe’s Leadership skills and traits in the 80’s to have improved the lives of many Zimbabweans economically and socially after independence, in an environment which was still hostile!! I salute a legend when l realize one, he is a blessing to our nation!!


Ryan Victor Caridade is an Opinion Writer. He writes in his own capacity. You can reach him for feedback on