The Philosophers, Thinkers And Analysts Whatsapp Group


The Philosophers, Analysts and Thinkers Whatsapp group is an online IM platform which has several young African thinkers, scholars and analysts.

The group discusses matters that affect Southern African Development Politics, and Governance, as well as matters of Global Politics in an African context.

The group comprises of several young, astute and popular analysts and political writers like, News 24 Voices’s Maynard Manyowa, The Southern Daily’s Takudzwanashe Mundenga, President of African Youth Global Network, Ambassador Brian Mudumi, Religious thinker, Thomas Matatari, young South African philosopher Retabile, Political Science Guru, Aldrian Njanike, Dr Benson Mudiwa, technology entrepreneur, Edwell Manyika, showbiz promoter Maynard Chizavare, Socialite and Social Network Activist Tania BabyKay, Online Media Analyst and The Southern Daily Deputy Editor, Micheal Mupotaringa, and others.

To join or be added into the group, please send a request to +27610034424

Requests will be done once every 48 hours. So please be patient once added.

Strict Forum Rules

The group encourages free speech and is tolerant to divergent views. However, personal insults, trolling, and debates lacking factual basis are not tolerated.

Heckling, booing, and ads are not permitted.

No Porn, No Nudes, and No Personal Conversations.



The Philosophers and Thinkers group has since grown exponentially and gone over the maximum numbers for a Whatsapp Group. As such, we have not set-up a Facebook Platform for it. – Join Philosophers Online.

The group has grown to include legislators from Zimbabwe, opinion leaders, and others.


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